Mission Statement

The Blue Water Brotherhood is a Christian organization which encourages all people to seek a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our purpose is to bring honor and glory to the name of Christ Jesus. Our mission is to use our passion, salt water fishing, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to encourage fellow believers into a deeper relationship with our Lord, growing and maturing in faith as we seek the biblical truths of His inerrant Word.

The Blue Water Brotherhood carries out its mission through:

  • Weekly Devotional Series published online, through social media channels or delivered to your inbox via email. Our devotions are designed for salt water fishermen with a desire for Biblical truth.
  • Providing resources for individuals and local church outdoor ministries including: BWB “Reel Life” Outreach Bible, 7 knots Blue Water Tract, T-Shirts, Bucket Stickers and Rigger Flags.