David Walker shown with Capt. Omie Tillett

David Walker shown with Capt. Omie Tillett

For most people the dates of June 2000 and August 2007 don’t have any significant meanings – but both dates had substantial impacts upon my life.

It was a Sunday morning in June of 2000 that I felt the pull of God stronger than ever before.  The years preceding had been good: a young marriage, 2 beautiful daughters, a successful business and a new home in Richmond, VA. Everything was great……..except I wanted more. In the summer of 1999 I started a new business, one that promised great riches and would allow me to do and have whatever I wanted. Cars, boats, vacation homes were all on the list. In the spring of 2000 those dreams crashed into reality – the business that was supposed to give me my heart’s desire was now creating despair in every aspect of my life. It was in this time of barely hanging on that I realized God was getting my attention. My wife had encouraged me to start attending our local church and it was through the Word of God that the Lord revealed Himself to me. In the courtyard on that June Sunday morning I gave my life to Jesus Christ.  God literally reached down and placed me on the Rock that is His salvation. He saved my soul and gave my life a purpose that I had never known.

God placed another great call on my life in August of 2007. While visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina with some friends – we found ourselves on the Pirates Cove Billfish Tournament docks, watching the sportfishing boats come in from a day of fishing. It was exciting to see the Carolina boats with their riggers full of flags competing for the top position. Saltwater fishing was deep in my blood; many days had been spent on the water in the Chesapeake Bay and off the coast of Virginia Beach. And to see the fishermen unloading their catches, reliving the day’s releases and preparing for the next day made my heart pound and my adrenaline rush. I knew at that moment God was placing a specific call upon my life – to be an ambassador for Christ in the blue water community.

Since that time, God has opened many doors and provided great opportunities to see His hand at work. Today, we have a great team of fishermen who love the Lord and are not afraid to compete with the very best. We’re fishing on the Jesus Freak out of Oregon Inlet – I hope to see you at one of the Mid-Atlantic tournaments. We’ll be looking for the man in the blue suit!

To God be the Glory!

Captain David Walker